In the New Millennium,my art making is energized by several masters for inspiration, theory processes, and working style. The analytical eye of Monet provides an entry into art as more than verisimilitude, a first step in abstraction and color study. Monet’s late works set the stage for a concentration on flora, and local and constructed gardens for subject matter.Another master of great import is Matisse who was hindered by physical limitations later in life. He turned to easily constructed mural scale collage with exuberant color. Taking the lead given by Monet and Matisse, I adopted art photography and flora, especially flowers of brilliant color. I am also inspired by Picasso who offered not only an example of outstanding creativity in his later years, but a Spartan and regimented lifestyle for conserving energy and focusing on making art in several media.

 Always a photographer, my expertise resided indocumentation and presentation of art for portfolio, lectures and teaching. Inthe new millennium, I employ a camera for expressive purposes rather thandocumentation and realism. Already having camera skills, I delight in combininga love for color and painting with photography.

Iexplore and respond to experimentation while using traditional and newtechnologies. My work uses innovations and experimentation, it also harkensback to historic art traditions, including impressionism, expressionism andabstraction.

 I rely on an excellent understanding and deepappreciation for art history and aesthetics. My expressive and inspirationalimagery builds on past masterworks while embracing traditional, modern andcontemporary art making. I believe that modern art, particularly impressionism,expressionism and abstraction and advances in technology have created anentirely new mode of creating, made obtainable through photography.

Mytechniques are highly illuminating and expressive. My original photos arereworked with great expression, to bring forward visual information andexperiences beyond what the eye can normally see. The processes and techniquescombine the craft of photography with the creativity of a painter

Ibelieve my works could not have been seen before, they are created withknowledge and inspiration from the past and recent technology. I work in arealm where new technology and expressive modes are brought together for thefirst time.

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